Assessment in Clinical and Field Settings

The assessment of the performance of students in clinical or field settings should be conducted in line with the University Assessment and Grading Practices Policy.  It is obligatory that the assessment of the performance of students should be fair, humane, valid, reliable and in accordance with the principles enunciated in this policy. Accordingly, where a student’s performance in a clinical or field setting is to be assessed for credit, the evaluation must encompass as a minimum:​

  1. A formal statement describing the evaluation process, including the criteria to be used in assessing the performance of students and the appeal mechanisms available. This statement should be available to all students before or at the beginning of the clinical or field experience;
  2. A mid-way performance evaluation with feedback to the student;
  3. Written documentation of the final assessment. 
In addition, for such clinical and field experiences, the Faculty must ensure that:
  1. Clinical and field assessors are fully informed regarding University, Faculty and course policies concerning evaluation procedures, including the specific assessment procedures to be applied in any particular field or clinical setting.

Any exception from the above would require a Faculty Council request with explanation for approval by the Governing Council.