PHM105H1: Medication Therapy Management 1


Medication Therapy Management (MTM) involves a partnership between the patient, pharmacist, and other healthcare providers to promote safe and effective medication use so that desirable patient outcomes are attained. It is founded on the philosophy of Pharmaceutical Care, and may encompass an array of services, whereby the pharmacist employs a systematic patient-centered approach to define and achieve goals related to optimal pharmacotherapy. The MTM series of courses will be delivered longitudinally over three years of the undergraduate program, with MTM 1 being the first of the four-part course series. MTM 1 will allow students to begin to apply knowledge and develop skills needed to undertake MTM, with content drawn from co-requisite and pre-requisite courses. Lecture and laboratory sessions will be designed to facilitate guided, independent, and collaborative learning. A key element of MTM 1 is that students will have the opportunity to undertake the role of a pharmacist in a simulated community practice and will be responsible for various tasks such as conducting patient interviews, assessing the appropriateness of pharmacotherapy, providing medication-related patient education, actively participating in the medication-dispensing process, responding to drug information queries from patients and health care providers, documenting pharmacotherapeutic recommendations, and interpreting the pharmacist’s ethical and legal obligations within provincial and federal regulatory frameworks. This course will introduce and develop fundamental knowledge, skills and attitudes intrinsic to the pharmacy student’s professional identity development; these attributes will be transferable to diverse practice settings, and prepare students for their first year early experiential rotation.