PHM114H1: Social & Behavioural Health


This course is composed of three components: 1) introduction to sociological theories and concepts that impact health and health care; 2) introduction to professionalism and ethics and 3) introduction to the ways in which individual psychology shapes and affects health and health care. Topics such as the social determinants of health and related ethical issues; the social construction of disease; and the exploration of when and why people seek health care services will be used to stimulate discussion about how social forces impact pharmacy practice. Codes of ethics and other ethical principles for guiding professional practice in pharmacy will be discussed through the analysis of ethics cases. Behaviouralist, cognitivist, developmentalist, and psychoanalytic theories will be used to help students understand the range of responses and behaviours individuals may demonstrate when dealing with health-related issues. Students will apply these theories to discussion of different patient education (counselling) approaches designed to optimize personal and health-related outcomes.