PHM348H1: Intermediate Pharmacy Practice Experience

This direct patient care rotation is designed to build and enhance students’ knowledge, skills, and attitudes in the provision of direct patient care in institutional, community or ambulatory pharmacy practice. The rotation will build on knowledge, skills and behaviours acquired in academic courses and earlier experiential rotations throughout the curriculum. This rotation will occur in sites serving a variety of health care needs, including, for example, acute care, rehabilitation, pediatric, geriatric, chronic care and specialty populations. Care may be provided in any patient care setting such as a hospital, family health team, community pharmacy, ambulatory clinic or other types of patient care practices, with an emphasis on establishing a context for the provision of pharmaceutical care in a clinical setting. Students will participate in, and take responsibility for, direct patient care activities including: patient assessment to identify and prioritize drug therapy problems, development of care plans that address desired patient outcomes, and patient monitoring including physical and laboratory assessment, and where feasible, provision of follow-up evaluation and appropriate documentation. Students will communicate with patients and care givers to monitor patient parameters, determine and assess target outcomes, and provide education. Students will work closely with members of the health care team in providing collaborative care, with regular communication with team members to share and document their assessment of the patient’s medication related needs and recommendations to address those needs.